Regularization of Contract Federal Employees under PMAP-2014

A notification has been issued on 08-11-2021 in connection with the Regularization Contract Federal Employees Falling under PMAP-2014 by the Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Regularization of Contract Federal Employees

The undersigned is directed to refer to Defence Division’s O.M. No. 8/12/D7(MAG)/2021, dated 02-06-2021 on the subject cited above and to state that the case has been examined in the light of PMAP-2014 and this division’s O.M.No.8/13/2016-E-2, dated 11- 06-2018 and it is submitted that the incumbents who were initially appointed on contract basis, but they fall under the PMAP-2014, their services may be regularized from their initial dates of appointment.

Regularization of Contract Federal Employees

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