Unsatisfactory Reports about Teaching Of Holy Quran in Schools by Honorable Judges

Reference your compliance reports/certificates regarding the teaching of the Holy Quran in all public a. private schools, presented in the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore in connection with the subject cited ICA.

The above-titled case was fixed today in the Honorable Divisional Bench, Lahore High Court, Lahore. The Honorable Court having analyzed and counterchecked through the respective learned District & Sessions Judge, has shown great concern over reports/certificates from CEOs regarding 100%, implementation of SOPs/instructions relating to the teaching of the Holy Quran in all schools. Regretfully to state that your compliance certificates/reports were found contrary to the facts on the ground as checked by the deputed visiting teams of learned District & Sessions Judge Consequently, the

Secretary School Education Department, present in the Hon’ble Court, had to face immense resentment from the Hon’ble Judges on account of misreporting of facts by you, despite the fact that you were clearly sensitized about the gravity of the issue and were required to ensure 100, implementation of the directions of the Hon’ble Court but same could not be done. This reflects the sorry state of affairs on account of your negligence and inefficiency and against the professional attitude.

Foregoing in view, I am directed to convey to ensure compliance of Honorable Court in letter and spirit. The Chief Executive Officers themselves along with DEOs/Dy.DEOs, across Punjab, are hereby directed to arrange surprise visits of schools to ensure the teaching of the Holy Quran, throughout the jurisdiction area. Moreover, special teams, at the level of Department are being constituted, who shall make surprise visits, across Punjab, till the implementation of directions of Honorable Court. In case of non-compliance, the concerned CEO, DEA shall be held responsible and proceedings shall be initiated under the law.

Unsatisfactory Reports about Teaching Of Holy Quran in Schools by Honorable Judges

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