FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022


A notification has been issued on 4th February 2022 in connection with FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022 for Supervisory Staff, Practical Examiner, Bank/Special Inspector and Centre Inspector and Item Developer, Moderator, Super Moderator and Paper Setter ETC by The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022

It is notified for information and necessary action of all concerned that the Board of Governors (BoG) in its 114th meeting held on 18-01-2022 approved the following remuneration rates for supervisory staff (Inland & Abroad) with effect from the Annual Examinations 2022;

Supervisory Staff (Inland)

S.No.CategoriesExisting rates in Rs.Approved Rates in Rs.
SSC HSSCSSC Double ShiftHSSC Double ShiftSSC/HSSC Singe SiftSSC/HSSC Double Shift
1.Centre SuperintendentCategory-I (below 16Kms)170018002000210020003000
2.Centre SuperintendentCategory-II (16-30Kms)220024002600280026003900
3.Centre SuperintendentCategory-III (31-60Kms)250028002900320030004500
4.Centre SuperintendentCategory-IV (below 16Kms)300033003500380035005250
5.Centre SuperintendentCategory-V (beyond 125Kms)1200+ TA/DA1600+ TA/DA1600+ TA/DA2000+ TA/DA1700+ TA/DA2100+ TA/DA
6.Deputy SuperintendentCategory-I (below 16KMs)110011001400150014002100
7.Deputy SuperintendentCategory-II(16-30KMs)170018002100220020003000
8.Deputy SuperintendentCategory-III (31-60KMs)200022002400260024003600
9.Deputy SuperintendentCategory-IV (61-12KMs)250028002800330030004500
10.Deputy SuperintendentCategory-V (beyond 125KMs)1000+ TA/DA1200 + TA/DA1400 + TA/DA1600 + TA/DA1300 + TA/DA1700+ TA/DA

Practical Examiner (Inland)

FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022 724x1024 1
FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022
Remuneration Rates 2022 FBISE 724x1024 1
FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022
Remuneration Rates Abroad 724x1024 1
FBISE Remuneration Rates 2022
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