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How to donate via Namanzoor namanzoor.com PTI website 


Namanzoor.com website is now launched by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and Imran Khan made announcement via video statement. Namanzoor com website is to get donations from the Pakistanis to support the struggle of Imran Khan against the regime change outer of Imran Khan and to put pressure on Govt to go for elections. Almost 15 Million tweets has been done with this trend on twitter in last 6 days.Further detail is as under;

How to donate via Namanzoor namanzoor.com PTI website 

برائے مہربانی فنڈز کے لئے نیچے دیا گیا سٹیپ بائے سٹپ طریقہ ضرور دیکھ لیں تاکہ آپ کو کوئی مشکل پیش نہ آئے۔ شکریہ

namanzoor.com website

ضروری ہدایت na manzoor com funding

  • ویب سائیٹ کا یو آر ایل www.namanzoor.com ہے
  • اس کے علاوہ ملتے جلتے نام پر ڈونیشن نہ کریں
  • ویب سائیٹ پر بہت زیادہ ٹریفک آنے کی وجہ سے ویب سائیٹ ڈاون ہو گئی تھی
  • چونکہ یہ ویب سائیٹ صرف بیرون ملک پاکستانیوں کے لیے ہے اس لیے پاکستان سے اسکو آپ نہیں کھول سکتے
  • یہ اس لیے کیا گیا ہے کہ ویب سائیٹ سرور پر زیادہ لوڈ نہ پڑے
  • پاکستان سے باہر تمام ملکوں کے لیئے یہ ویب سائیٹ آپریشنل ہے
  • اگر آپ کو کوئی مشکل پیش آ رہی ہے تو کمنٹ باکس میں اظہار کریں۔

Steps to make donation on Namanzoor.com

You can easily make donations to PTI online by using the service of Namanzoor.com

Here are the simple steps

  • Go to www.namanzoor.com
  • Click on “click here to donate” button
  • After clicking you will be taken to 2nd page to fill up a form.
namanzor.com donation method
  • Fill out this form and click submit.
  • Now chose a payment method.
  • Two payment methods are available.
  • Paypal and Card Payment.
namanzor.com donation method
  • After payment you will be provided with receipt.
How to donate via Namanzoor namanzoor.com PTI website 
donation receipt, namanzoor.com

Donations by Overseas Pakistanis

With in no time after his announcement thousands of Pakistanis started making donations to PTI on this namanzoor.com website. The flow of traffic to this website was so high that this site was making people to be in queue to make donations.

Here is the view of this web page

All overseas supporters of Imran khan who wants to know how they can financially contribute please use following approved PTI portal which we have named NaManzoor. www.namanzoor.com

How to donate via Namanzoor namanzoor.com PTI website 
pti election fund

We will keep you updated regarding it as we will get new updates.

Just keep remember the address of the website is www.namanzoor.com


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