A notification has been issued on 25 May 2022 in connection with 5th School Student Competition Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF).Further detail of said notification in same is as under;


1 am directed to enclose herewith a copy of letter No. 7 (I 0)202-ASA (11: II)dated le May. 2022 received from Deputy scientific Adviser (IL-II), Government of Pakistan Ministry of Science R. Technology Islamabad on the subject noted above and to state that Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation of Iran in collaboration with EC() Science Foundation (ECOSF) and other organisations is organizing 5′ Noor, School Student Competition in memory of the great scientist and mathematician of the Islamic world Abu Rayhan al-Biruni in year, 2022. The objective of the Competition is to creating identity and promoting science programs. By accepting 00-second scientific and educational films and celebrating their top works, the competition aims to get students (national and international) to participate in this competition and find science and technology more amusing. 2. 1 am further directed to request to circulate the information among all educational institutes for the large participation of science students in the competition. The deadline for submission of the entries (60 second scientific videos) is July 2022. The winners of the competition will he awarded with cash prizes along wills the certificates. The Poster of the competition is attached. For guidelines / instructions, please visit following link. https://noor.mstfdn.org/if/en/

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