Notification of revised incentive allowance in projects/programs, policy units/policy cells/companies/authorities, foundations/funds, commissions, Punjab information technology board (PITB), and administrative departments against non-cadre posts by The Punjab Government on 5th October 2022. Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Revised Incentive Allowance 2022 Punjab Notification

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and state that the Competent Authority i.e. the Chief Minister has been pleased to decide that in supersession of this department’s letter bearing No. FD.SR-1/9-10/2019, dated 31.12.2019, the in-service regular Government Servants so appointed/posted in Projects, Programs, Policy Units / Policy Cells / Companies / Authorities / Foundations / Funds, Commissions, PITB and Administrative Departments against non-cadre posts, shall be entitled to the grant of “INCENTIVE ALLOWANCE” under object code “A01250” in addition to their admissible salary (substantive pay + admissible allowances) under the respective pay scales with effect from the date a case is considered and recommended by the Selection Board constituted vide Order of Finance Department bearing No. FD.SR-11/1-12/2009, dated 22.10.2019. The following revised rates of the Incentive Allowance shall be applicable w.e.f. 01st October 2022:

Revised Rates of Incentive Allowance 2022

S.NoBasic ScaleIncentive Allowance (Amount in Rupees)

The above-mentioned Incentive Allowance shall be admissible subject to the following conditions:

  1. It will be reviewed annually by the “Selection Board” in the light of Orders of the Finance Department bearing No. FD.SR-11/1-12/2009, dated 22.10.2019.
  2. In case, Executive Allowance or any other cadre-specific allowance is admissible on a post. then there will be an option to choose either of one.

All Administrative Secretaries are requested to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned conditions.

Notification of Revised Incentive Allowance 2022

Revised Incentive Allowance 2022 Punjab Notification
Revised Incentive Allowance 2022 Punjab Notification

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