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2024 Elections: Record 28,000+ Candidates File Nominations

In the 2024 elections, a significant increase of 33% in candidate nominations compared to the 2018 general elections was observed. A total of 28,686 candidates filed their nomination papers for the 859 general seats available, marking a notable rise from the 21,425 candidates in 2018 and 27,998 in 2013.

Record-Breaking Candidate Participation in 2024 Elections: Over 28,000 Contenders File Nominations

For the National Assembly’s 266 general seats, 7,713 candidates submitted their nominations. Interestingly, for the first time, 471 women candidates filed for the National Assembly’s general seats, while 802 women candidates submitted their papers for the 593 general seats in the provincial assemblies. Overall, 18,546 candidates contested for these provincial seats.

National and Provincial Assemblies: A Closer Look at the 2024 Nominees

Specifically for women’s reserved seats, 459 women submitted nominations for the National Assembly’s 60 reserved seats. Additionally, 1,365 women candidates filed for the 132 reserved seats in the provincial assemblies. For the National Assembly’s 10 minority seats, 150 candidates submitted their applications, and for the 24 reserved minority seats in the provincial assemblies, 392 candidates filed.

Unprecedented Surge in Candidate Numbers Marks 2024 Elections

The investigation team gathered preliminary information from election officials in 41 districts, revealing that for the 859 general seats in the provincial and national assemblies, 2,434 candidates supported by Tehreek-e-Insaf, and 2,134 candidates backed by Muslim League-N, have filed their nominations. Furthermore, 1,651 candidates with the support of PPP and 1,478 from Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan are also in the fray. However, final details will only be available after the scrutiny of nomination papers.

This election cycle has set a new record with 28,686 candidates submitting their nominations, demonstrating a heightened level of political engagement and competition across the country.

Source : HUM News Official SIte

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