8 Public Holidays Expected across Pakistan in February 2024

As Pakistan eagerly anticipates the upcoming general elections scheduled for February 8, 2024, discussions surrounding potential public holidays have gained momentum. With the elections coinciding with this significant event, there is heightened speculation about the holiday calendar for the month of February.

According to initial reports, educational institutions are set to be closed on Sunday, February 4, paving the way for a day off on February 5 to observe Kashmir Day. The anticipation grows as schools are expected to remain closed from February 6 to 10 in light of the elections. This temporary hiatus is crucial in allowing citizens to engage in the democratic process without the constraints of academic commitments.

The resumption of school activities is slated for February 12, marking the end of an eight-day break. However, it’s noteworthy that no formal announcements regarding these holidays have been made by federal or provincial authorities, adding an element of suspense to the unfolding situation.

List of eight public holidays in February 2024 is as follows:

  • Feb 4: Sunday
  • Feb 5: Kashmir Day
  • Feb 6-10: Election Holidays
  • Feb 11: Sunday

Article 218 of the Constitution empowers the Election Commission of Pakistan to declare public holidays on election days. The potential declaration of February 8 as a public holiday is particularly significant as it aligns with Kashmir Day, falling on a Monday. This fortuitous alignment could grant Pakistanis a rare opportunity to enjoy two consecutive public holidays in a single week.

Traditionally, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) tends to declare a vacation on election day, ensuring that the financial sector synchronizes with the public mood and actively supports the electoral process. This aligns with the historical norms of the country, further intensifying the anticipation surrounding the official announcement from the Election Commission.

In the midst of this uncertainty, the possibility of a public holiday on February 8 adds an extra layer of excitement to the impending general elections. It not only emphasizes the civic duty of participating in the electoral process but also highlights the social enjoyment that can accompany such significant events. The confluence of these elements sets the stage for a memorable and engaging experience for the citizens of Pakistan.

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