Apply for Free Residential Plots for Journalists

In a groundbreaking move, the Punjab government is set to make history by offering free residential plots to journalists across Pakistan, a gesture promised and fulfilled by the visionary Chief Minister. This marks the first time that reporters, photographers, and camerapersons engaged in the realm of journalism will be granted residential plots through a transparent and fair balloting procedure.

A generous allocation of 3,300 plots is on the horizon, with reporters securing a seven-marla plot each, while photographers and camerapersons will be bestowed with three-marla plots. A dedicated 200 acres of land underscore the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting the media community.

To ensure fairness in the selection process, an advertisement detailing the qualifying conditions for these plots will grace newspapers on January 22, providing interested journalists until January 28 to submit their applications. The balloting is slated for February 8, emphasizing the administration’s dedication to a prompt and transparent allocation process.

CM Naqvi, in a proactive move, stated that the Ravi Urban Development Authority officials will meticulously guide journalists through the application procedure, maintaining transparency at every step. The forward-looking Chief Minister hinted at future phases that would unravel opportunities for journalists working in newsrooms.

This initiative not only reflects the government’s recognition of the invaluable contributions made by journalists but also addresses their persistent desire for incentives and support. CM Naqvi, having observed this need during his extensive travels as Chief Minister, has responded proactively to ensure that journalists are not just acknowledged but also provided with tangible assistance.

Punjab’s unique strategy sets a positive example for the nation, showcasing the government’s commitment to recognizing and supporting the crucial role that journalists play in shaping society. As the balloting date approaches, the anticipation builds, promising a brighter future for the dedicated individuals who bring news and stories to our lives.

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