Bard by Google Set to Introduce Paid Subscription Model Soon

Google to Soon Launch Paid Subscription for Bard

Google has revealed plans to adopt a subscription model for Bard Advanced, mirroring Open AI’s approach. This decision was disclosed during a Q4 earnings call, but specific details regarding costs and the launch date for the paid version remain undisclosed.

Currently available for free, Bard’s forthcoming paid version promises heightened complexity and improved responses, contrasting with ChatGPT 4’s $20 per month subscription. Scheduled for an early 2024 launch, Bard Advanced will be powered by the potent Gemini Ultra, positioned to compete with and potentially surpass GPT-4.

Google’s strategic shift not only signifies a change in its AI offerings but also sets the stage for a competitive and dynamic generative AI landscape. While users can anticipate a more sophisticated and tailored experience, it will come at the expense of a subscription fee.

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