BridgeStart Program: Govt Initiative to Elevate Pakistani Startups Globally

Govt Introduces BridgeStart Program to Boost Pakistani Startup Globally

The Caretaker Minister for Information Technology and Telecom, Dr. Umar Saif, has unveiled a transformative initiative known as BridgeStart Program. This program is designed to bolster 100 startups annually by offering them opportunities for incubation or acceleration across the world’s top 40 incubators and accelerators.

Govt Introduces BridgeStart Program to Boost Pakistani Startup Globally

Dr. Saif took to social media platform X to share his enthusiasm for Pakistani startups with global aspirations. He highlighted the government’s dedication to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship within the nation.

In a post on platform X, Dr. Saif announced the launch of the BridgeStart Program, aimed at supporting Pakistani startups with international ambitions. The program will fund 100 startups annually for incubation or acceleration in top 40 global incubators or accelerators.

Dr. Saif emphasized the significant benefits that startups gain from participating in renowned incubators such as YCombinator, Capital Factory, and 500 Startups. Through BridgeStart, startups will have access to up to Rs 5 million to cover expenses associated with joining these international programs.

BridgeStart endeavors to empower Pakistani startups to compete globally and realize their potential. By facilitating access to world-class resources, the program aims to drive innovation, fuel economic growth, and establish Pakistan as a center for entrepreneurial excellence.

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