Federal and Punjab Governments to Implement New Pension System by July

The federal and Punjab governments are collaborating with the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to introduce a voluntary pension scheme (VPS) for their employees by July 1, 2024, according to official sources. Authorities are currently developing a VPS to replace the existing traditional pension system for both federal and Punjab government employees, effective July … Read more

Draft Prepared for Pension Reforms for Federal Employees 2024

The caretaker Government has decided on pension reforms in light of the report from the Pay and Pension Committee.This draft is being prepared for the employees of Federal. Under the new reforms, federal government employees will be eligible for a 70% pension based on the average pensionable service acquired during the last 36 months preceding … Read more

Deduction of Conveyance Allowance in Punjab: PIFRA’s Notification

Following the winter vacation, employees, teachers, and designated focal persons in Punjab have received an email from PIFRA, notifying them of a deduction in conveyance allowance.According to the received email,Recovery Of Conveyance Allowance (Monthly Deduction Started) one time has been made. The deduction has sparked concerns among the workforce, particularly those heavily reliant on conveyance … Read more

Time Barred Science Teaching Allowance SSTs / SSEs / Headmasters 2024

Notification Time Barred Science Teaching Allowance SSTs / SSEs / Headmasters 2024

Latest updates regarding Time Barred Science Teaching Allowance (SSTs/SSEs/Headmasters) in 2024. Referencing letter no. 83/2021 (VOL-ii) dated 01.01.2024 from the Finance Department, it addresses the time-barred case of MST Sheher Bano, SST at Govt GIRS High School Maria Jhelum. The Finance Department emphasizes that the Science Teaching Allowance is only applicable to Secondary School Teachers … Read more

Approval Granted for Regularization of 227 Daily Wage Teachers

The federal cabinet has given its approval for the regularization of 227 daily wage teachers serving in schools and colleges under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) for the past decade. This decision followed a request from the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to regularize these employees who had successfully cleared the Federal … Read more

Punjab Civil Servants Ordinance 2023: Pension and Gratuity Amendments

Notification regarding the Punjab Civil Servants (Amendment) Ordinance 2023, amending the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974. The Punjab Civil Servants (Amendment) Ordinance 2023 is aimed at amending the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974. It introduces a “Defined Contribution Pension Scheme” and modifies section 12 of the Act. The ordinance is effective immediately upon publication. No.Legis-13-20/2002(P-IX)/96.- … Read more

Amendment Ordinance Issued Regarding Government Employees’ Pension

Governor Punjab, Mohammad Baligh Ur Rahman, has issued an ordinance under Article 128, Section (01) of the Constitution pertaining to government employees, introducing amendments. The amendment ordinance specifically addresses government employees’ pensions. According to the ordinance, both the government and the government employee will contribute to the Contribution Pension Scheme. This means that contributions made … Read more

Increase in Salary after Annual Increment of All Government Employees 2023

Chart of Increase in Salary All Government Employees Dec 2023 due to Annual Increment 2023 BPS-01 to BPS-22 Employees

Here I and sharing the detail of increase in salary after annual increment in December 2023 of allGovernment Employees of Pakistan.The Chart of Increase in Salary w.e.f 1st December 2023 due to Annual Increment 2023. According the Notification issued by Govt ,the adhoc relief allowance 2023 will not be increased as this has been frozen.These … Read more

Revised Rates of Social Security Benefits Allowance SSB-30% 2022

The Social Security Benefit Allowance is (30%) Thirty Percent of the Basic Scale on the initial Stage. This SSB-30% allowance is also revised whenever the scale is revised. This allowance is given to the Employees during the contract period in exchange for pension and graduation. In return for this allowance, the employee is deprived of … Read more

Conveyance Allowance History | Increase in Conveyance Allowance for the Govt. Employees Since 1987

Conveyance Allowance

Conveyance Allowance Rates have been changed from time to time during the last three decades. Here I am sharing with you the detail of the Increase in Conveyance Allowance for the Govt. Employees Since 1987. Further detail is as under; Increase in Conveyance Allowance with effect from 01.07.1987 Category Rates of C.A The Government Employees who drawing pay of  Rs.1650/- per Month and above:-(a) … Read more