CES 2024 Highlights: AI-Powered Gadgets and Robotic Massages

Tech enthusiasts at CES 2024 are in for a treat with a myriad of innovations and gadgets showcased by over 4,000 exhibitors. From personal tech to transportation, healthcare, and sustainability, the event promises a glimpse into the future, fueled by the widespread integration of artificial intelligence.

One intriguing development comes from French company Capsix Robotics, introducing iYU, your very own personal robotic masseuse. This cutting-edge creation leverages AI to conduct real-time body scans and recommend tailored massage experiences. Equipped with a robotic arm, iYU can provide various massage techniques, whether it’s gentle pressure or deep muscle relaxation. Capsix Robotics founder, Francois Eyssautier, envisions a future where daily massages become the norm.

Another eye-catching product making waves at CES 2024 is Clicks Technologies’ iPhone keyboard. This innovative accessory caters to three distinct audiences: iPhone users with dexterity or accessibility challenges, the younger generation seeking uniqueness, and those nostalgic for physical smartphone keyboards. With prices ranging from $139 to $159, co-founder Johnathan Young expressed their astonishment at the overwhelmingly positive reception during the conference.

As CES 2024 unfolds, it’s evident that AI continues to drive innovation, enhancing our daily lives in unexpected ways.

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