Check Your School for LSA-2024 Large Scale Assessment

Check the participation status of your school in the upcoming Large-Scale Assessment (LSA-2024) by Punjab Examination Commission (PEC). As part of the Assessment Policy Framework (APF) 2019, LSA-2024 targets Grade 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 students, evaluating proficiency in English & Urdu literacy, Mathematics numeracy, and General Knowledge/Science. Tentatively scheduled for February 2024, this assessment aims to gauge and benchmark the academic progress of students across Punjab. Verify your school’s inclusion by entering the EMIS code and ensure readiness for LSA-2024.

Punjab Examination Commission is preparing to conduct Large Scale Assessment (LSA) 2024 from sampled schools from all Districts of Punjab,

This year LSA 2024 is conducting for following grades 2,3,5,6, and 7, number of schools is given below

  • Grade 2 – 5000 Schools from Punjab
  • Grade 3 – 5000 Schools from Punjab
  • Grade 5 – 1000 Schools from Punjab
  • Grade 6 – 300 Schools from Punjab
  • Grade 7 – 300 Schools from Punjab

For download selected schools for LSA-2024,enter your school emis code.

Selected Schools for the Year 2024

No data found for the provided Sch_ID/_EMIS_Code:

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