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Chief Justice Questions Preferential Employment Policies for Government Employees’ Children

In a recent hearing at the General Post Office in Islamabad, Chief Justice Qazi Fai’z Isa raised critical questions about the employment policies favoring children of government employees. The hearing, presided over by a three-member bench led by Chief Justice Isa, scrutinized the recruitment process at the General Post Office.

Chief Justice Isa queried whether the Prime Minister has the authority to unilaterally change such policies, expressing concerns over why preferential employment policies for government employees’ children exist. He remarked that these policies shred the constitution, urging action to challenge the Prime Minister over this misguided approach. The Chief Justice’s remarks highlight a significant concern: why are jobs preferentially given to these children, and are other Pakistani children not equally entitled?

The Additional Attorney General informed the court that these policies were instituted during a previous government’s tenure. To this, Chief Justice Isa countered, suggesting that the past government considered itself above the constitution.

Chief Justice Isa strongly opined that such policies should be discarded, emphasizing the supremacy of the constitution over all other considerations. The Additional Attorney General requested guidance from the government on this issue.

The court has now summoned the Attorney General to address these pressing questions, highlighting a pivotal moment in Pakistan’s ongoing struggle for equitable employment practices.

source: Dawn News

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