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Cipher case: Imran Khan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi sentenced to Ten years in jail

Back Back Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan, deputy Shah Mahmood Qureshi get 10-year prison for leaking state secrets

ISLAMABAD – Imran Khan, the founder of PTI, and his deputy Shah Mahmood Qureshi were convicted on Tuesday by a special court established under the Official Secrets Act in a cipher case. Former Prime Minister Khan and ex-Foreign Minister Qureshi received ten years imprisonment each during the hearing at Adiala Jail Rawalpindi, presided over by Judge Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain.

Both political leaders responded to a questionnaire consisting of 36 questions under Section 342 before the sentencing. When asked about the cipher’s whereabouts, claimed to contain evidence of a US conspiracy against his government, Khan stated that he was not in possession of it, emphasizing that the Prime Minister’s House security was not his responsibility.

Following their responses, the court pronounced the jail sentence, citing the accusation that Khan had kept a copy of the cipher, misusing state secrets. The FIA, in its challan, asserted that the former premier had not returned the cipher copy.

This development occurred shortly after Khan challenged the appointment of state lawyers in the cipher case, filing a petition in the Islamabad High Court through his legal representatives. The petition sought to declare the January 26 order in the cipher case null and void and invalidate actions taken after the appointment of state counsels.

PTI leader Barrister Gohar expressed concerns about justice being compromised during court proceedings in Adiala Jail, stating that proceedings against Khan are being conducted contrary to the principles of law and justice. Barrister Gohar emphasized the importance of judges maintaining transparency and adhering to minimum standards of justice in sensitive cases.

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