Clarification of Special Allowance 2022 and ARA 2022 on Regularisation

A notification of Clarification Admissibility Special Allowance 2022 and ARA 2022 on Regularisation has been issued by Government of the Punjab, Finance Department on 22-11-2023. The details are as under:

Admissibility Special Allowance 2022 and ARA 2022 on Regularisation

The Deputy Accountant General Lahore received a letter regarding Clarification Regarding the Admissibility of Special Allowance,2022, and Adhoc Relief Allowance,2022.  The finance department ends some queries to clarify.  Here is the detail about queries and responses of the competent authority.

Queries and Replies of Finance Department

Sr.NoQuery of the Accountant General PunjabStance of Finance Department 
1.The Employees who were regularised in May 2023 and consequently their basic pay was fixed on the initial of BPS-2022. As per government existing rules and policy, whether the Special Allowance 2022 & Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 will continue to be admissible to them. The admissibility depends upon their basic pay of the contract period as of 30-06-2023. Or it may be revised according to the initial of the basic pay scale 2017.The case has been examined. The finance department has already clarified that the rate of those allowances which are allowed to run basic pay will be revised.Or they may be allowed according to basic pay fixed on regularisation.  It is mentioned in letter no.FD.SR.II/9-19-2016. The issuance date of the letter is 17-03-2016.However, the rates of allowances that have already been frozen shall not decrease or increase in basic pay on regularisation.
In the instant case, Special Allowances,2022 @15% of basic pay Scales,2017 was grantedW.e.f 01-03-2022. The letter is issued on 20-07-2022.The Basic Pay Scales,2017 have been replaced with Basic Pay Scales,2022. It was implemented with the letter 01-07;2022/ Hence  Special Allowance,2022 @15% of Basic Pay Scales,2017 has been frozen.  
They are frozen on the level of 30-06-2022.Also, the Adhoc Relief Allowance,2022 @15% of Basic Pay Scakes,2017 was granted with the letter No.FD.SR.V-2-3(1)/2022. The letter was issued on 21-07-2022. The allowance was frozen at the level of 30-06-2023 in terms of Para -07(i) of letter ibid.Hence there will be no change in these allowances in case of a change in basic Pay.

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