Code of Conduct for upcoming General Elections 2024

The Election Commission has issued a code of conduct for the general elections 2024.According to the instruction issued Election Commission of Pakistan,these code of Conduct should be strictly followed.According to sources, the Election Commission of Pakistan has finalized a code of conduct in consultation with political parties in connection with the general election.

  • Political parties, candidates and election agents shall always uphold the rights and freedoms of the people of Pakistan as provided in the constitution and laws.
  • All the orders and code of conduct of the Election Commission will be followed for the effective conduct of elections, ethics and public order.
  • President, Prime Minister, Senate Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Federal and Provincial Ministers, Governors, Chief Ministers, Mayor, Chairman, Moderator, Advisors will not be able to participate in the election campaign of any constituency. Local government will be allowed to participate in election campaign.
  • This ban will not apply to local government officials, except the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of an Assembly, from where they are contesting the elections themselves, but they will refrain from using official protocols and resources.
  • Election campaign will be closed 48 hours before 12:00 PM after the end of polling.
  • According to the code of conduct, no political party shall conduct advertising campaigns in print, electronic and social media with public funds.
  • Likewise, there will be a complete ban on misuse of official media for biased coverage by federal, provincial or local governments during elections.
  • Political parties, candidates and election agents can conduct door-to-door canvassing during which they can distribute voter slips according to the voter’s information besides the party manifesto.
  • Distribution of voter slips will be allowed at the polling station on the day of polling. Writing the name of the candidate, printing party and candidate symbol on this slip will be strictly prohibited.
  • According to the code of conduct, a political party or candidate can use 18×23 inch posters, 9×6 inch handbills, pamphlets, 3×9 feet banners and 2×3 feet portraits.
  • To maintain respect for Quranic verses, hadiths and holy scriptures of other religions, they will refrain from printing them on promotional materials.
  • Posting of posters at all government places, national institutions, installations and bridges will be strictly prohibited.
  • Hoardings, billboards, wall chalking and penaflex of any size will be strictly prohibited, no photo of any government servant will be printed on advertising material.
  • The posters, banners of any party will not be removed by the other party, there will be a ban on hoisting the flag of the party on government buildings.
  • The political parties will use the space reserved for the rally, the program will be informed in advance to the District Monitoring Officer, District Administration.
  • Criticism of other political parties and opposing candidates will be limited to their policies, programs, past record and their work.
  • Criticism of any aspect of the private life of a party leader or worker which has nothing to do with public activities shall be strictly avoided.
  • Unsubstantiated allegations and distortion of facts shall be avoided. Willfully disseminating false and malicious information shall be avoided.
  • Use of rude language shall be avoided. Any kind of campaigning within 400 meters of the polling station will be prohibited on the polling day.
  • Banners, flags will be banned within 100 meters, political parties, candidates will be able to set up their camps within 400 meters of the polling station in rural areas and 100 meters in densely populated areas.
  • No candidate election agent or any of his supporters or polling agents shall interfere or obstruct in any way the conduct of political affairs of any presiding officer, assistant presiding officer, polling officer or any security officer on duty.
  • Media observers will be required to show accreditation card for entry into polling station premises.
  • No government employee can campaign in favor of any party or candidate.
  • All election expenses will be paid from specific accounts, the details of which will be given in the nomination papers.
  • Details of election expenses must be furnished to the Returning Officer within 30 days of the publication of the names of the successful candidates.
  • The candidate will appoint three election agents in the constituency and one polling agent at each polling station and booth.
  • According to the code of conduct, any kind of violent incitement during election campaign or polling day shall be avoided.
  • Defacement of any kind of election material, ballot paper, electoral roll, ballot boxes, compartment screen and the official mark on the ballot paper shall be considered as election malpractice.
  • Political parties, candidates, election and polling agents shall fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies to protect election personnel and election materials.
  • Political parties, candidates and their supporters shall refrain from giving gifts and bribes to any person to induce them to participate or not to participate in the elections, to withdraw or not to withdraw.
  • Will follow the orders, instructions and code of conduct on behalf of the Election Commission. Will avoid mocking the Election Commission.
  • The Polling Agent will not object to a visually impaired person accompanying a person with a disability, but the Candidate Election Agent or the Polling Agent will not be able to accompany the voter to the polling place.
  • The Polling or Election Agent shall sign Form 45 (Statement of Count) and Form 46 (Ballot Paper Account) prepared by the Presiding Officer.

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