Dubai Police Launches ‘Sport for Support’ Ramadan Charity Drive

Dubai Police has embarked on a noble initiative, launching the ‘Sport for Support’ program aimed at raising Dh3 million for Ramadan charity. The primary goal of this campaign is to support various projects including charity for people in need, family support, medical assistance, construction of mosques, digging water wells, purchasing Qurans, and providing water tanks.

Engaging Over 100,000 People in Athletic Activities

Commencing around March 11, this year’s campaign plans to involve over 100,000 people in athletic activities during Ramadan. Through collaborations with entities like the Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Economy and Tourism, and Dar Al Ber Society, participants can make contributions via specialized online links or Dar Al Ber platforms during athletic events.

Press Conference Announcing Campaign Launch

The campaign’s launch was announced at a press conference held at the Dubai Police General Headquarters. Notable attendees included Captain Ahmad bin Thabou Al Falasi, Dr. Maryam Anas Al Matroushi, and representatives from Dar Al Ber, Al Wasl Club, and Fitness Time Gym.

Events during Ramadan

Several events are planned during Ramadan as part of the ‘Sport for Support’ campaign, including “Iftar with Leaders,” where attendees can engage in sports activities after iftar and meet with leaders of the Dubai Police and distinguished guests. The campaign will also be featured in the Dubai World Cup, the NAS sports event, and the ADNOC Professional League, promoting the value of sports, encouraging charitable giving, and raising public awareness of health and fitness in the community.

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