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E-Registration of Lands, Properties Begins in Punjab

Lahore: In a significant technological advancement for the Punjab province, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has launched an e-registry model center in Lahore. This initiative marks the commencement of an electronic registration system for lands and properties, thereby phasing out the conventional manual process.

The inaugural ceremony, held at the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Office on Kashmir Road, was a momentous occasion where Chief Minister Naqvi addressed the media. He proudly announced that the province had already achieved a milestone with the generation of 221,000 e-registries, signaling a promising start to this digital transformation.

In an effort to streamline the registration process, a dedicated branch of the Bank of Punjab has been established within the e-registry model center. This strategic move is intended to provide seamless financial services to citizens, enhancing the overall efficiency of property transactions.

Chief Minister Naqvi emphasized the obsolescence of the manual registry system, affirming that the e-registry system is now fully functional. He detailed that the entire process has been computerized, with the sole exception being the physical endorsement by the sub-registrar to finalize transactions. This blend of digital and manual elements ensures both the integrity and modernization of the property registration process.

The introduction of the e-registry system in Punjab is a landmark step towards digital governance. It not only promises to simplify property transactions but also aims to increase transparency and reduce bureaucratic hurdles. As the system gains momentum, it is expected to significantly contribute to the real estate sector’s growth and the overall economic development of the province.

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