Easypaisa Introduces Savings Pocket for Users

easypaisa Empowers Users With 'Savings Pocket' For Financial Independence

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s premier digital financial services platform, has introduced a new offer for its users: the ‘Saving Pocket,’ designed to help them manage and save their funds more effectively.

This offer aims to provide users with financial freedom, enabling them to save and manage their finances efficiently, while also eliminating the need for traditional saving methods.

The innovative ‘Savings Pocket’ challenges outdated traditions that often lead consumers to resort to unconventional means of securing their money. This new offering aligns with modern lifestyles, reflecting Easypaisa’s commitment to financial inclusion and empowerment.

More than just a savings tool, ‘Savings Pocket’ also aims to empower women. Through the Easypaisa App on their phones, women can manage their money conveniently, without the need for external storage devices. This approach caters to the specific financial needs of women, providing them with convenience, security, and freedom, and exemplifying financial inclusion.

Users can easily track their progress and set savings goals, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their financial objectives. ‘Savings Pocket’ offers early withdrawal options and simple access, giving users complete control over their money while ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

Farhan Hassan, Head of Easypaisa Wallet Business, emphasized the company’s commitment to enabling customers to make informed financial decisions, with ‘Savings Pocket’ being a testament to this dedication. The feature allows customers to create flexible, goal-based savings plans tailored to their objectives, revolutionizing the savings industry.

Rifah Qadri, Head of Marketing & Communications, highlighted the unique approach of Easypaisa, which challenges outdated norms and provides modern solutions for financial empowerment. ‘Savings Pocket’ offers protection and convenience, enabling women to embrace contemporary solutions and assert their financial independence.

With over 40 million registered users and growing, Easypaisa is at the forefront of Pakistan’s digital financial services market, thanks to its user-centric strategy and commitment to financial inclusivity.

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