Easypaisa New Feature for Unsubscribing from Unwanted Services

Easypaisa, a leading mobile wallet service in Pakistan, has rolled out a useful feature in its latest app update. Users can now easily manage their subscribed services and disconnect their accounts from them whenever necessary.

This update is a welcome addition for Easypaisa users, offering them the convenience of eliminating undesired services. This means that services quietly deducting money from your wallet can finally be severed. For instance, you now have the option to unlink your Easypaisa account from services like Tapmad or Foodpanda, putting you in control of your subscriptions.

This new functionality is labeled as “Subscribed Services” and can be accessed through the app’s settings menu. When you tap on it, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive list of all your subscribed services, each of which can be effortlessly removed. As illustrated in the screenshot, you can conveniently unlink an account by clicking on the button located on the right side.

Please be aware that you might not have received the update automatically. If that’s the case, we suggest visiting the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iPhone users to manually update the app.

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