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Ehsaas Program Launches Survey to Assist Disabled Women

A new survey is now open for registration, targeting women with permanent ailments or physical disabilities across Pakistan. The Ehsaas program, in collaboration with the upcoming 2024 general election results, plans to unveil a financial assistance package for disabled.

The Government of Pakistan aims to extend the Ehsaas program disability scheme for 2024 nationwide, covering all provinces, including Islamabad and AJK. The government will announce special offers for women without a reliable income source who deserve financial help.

Registering for assistance is simplified if disability is already noted on the CNIC card. Lack of evidence, such as a disability certificate or a specialized CNIC during registration, may result in difficulties.

Ehsaas Disability Scheme 2024: New Registration Open

Disabled women from families lacking a stable income source can seize a lifetime opportunity for financial support from the Government of Pakistan. The Ehsaas program for disabled women is set to begin after February 15, 2024, following the swearing-in of the new government.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Disability:

  1. Must have disability status on the CNIC card.
  2. Possess a disability certificate with a medical specialist’s signature.
  3. Valid CNIC for at least 6 months.
  4. Monthly earnings should be below 50,000 from all sources.
  5. No ownership of personal property or vehicles.
  6. Poverty score must be below 30, with a 10% concession for special cases.

Documents Required:

Applicants from underprivileged families must submit the following documents before the specified deadline:

  1. FRC (Family Registration Certificate)
  2. Disability Certificate
  3. Special CNIC card indicating disability
  4. Previous month’s electricity and gas bills
  5. House rental agreement
  6. Monthly income certificate

How to Apply:

Eligible women across Pakistan with disabilities can apply online before the registration deadline through a dynamic survey. Only one member per family can register. Ehsaas program disability membership is granted after meeting eligibility requirements.

Successful applicants will receive an SMS detailing the date for cash payment and the amount upon merit-based selection.

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