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Election Duty List for Pakistan 2024 Elections

As the nation eagerly anticipates the upcoming elections featuring 266 representatives, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is set to release the comprehensive Election Duty List for 2024.

Massive Participation of Independent Candidates

With a staggering 5121 independent candidates aligning with various political parties, the electoral landscape is diverse and vibrant. The ECP holds the authority to issue the duty assignments for polling officers, a critical aspect of the election process.

Election Duty Assignments

Scheduled for release on February 5, 2024, the Election Duty List will showcase the designated polling officers and workers entrusted with election responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

The ECP will disseminate instructions detailing the roles of officers, encompassing positions such as Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiders, and Polling Officers.

Involvement of Educational and Government Institutions

In a noteworthy move, teachers and other government officers have been enlisted to serve as assistant presiding and polling officers, underlining a collaborative effort in ensuring a smooth electoral process.

Specifics of ECP Polling Officers’ Duties

Adhering to regulations, Electoral Officers will scrutinize National ID cards and verify voter information, including photos and details on the voters list. Polling officers are tasked with announcing voter names and serial numbers.

Thorough Verification Process

A meticulous examination of voters’ thumb cuticles will be conducted by Polling Officers to ascertain whether they have already cast their votes.

Seamless Process for Voters

Upon verification, the voter’s name will be promptly removed from the list, streamlining the process before they proceed to the Assistant Polling Officer.

Accessing the Election Duty List

For candidates seeking to review or download the Election Duty List for 2024, the official website Ecp.gov.pk is the designated platform. Stay informed and engaged in the democratic process by staying updated on your assigned election duties.

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