Elections 2024

Elections 2024: How to Cast Your Vote in Step-by-Step Guide

Elections 2024 Pakistan: How to cast your vote?

The much-awaited General Elections will be held across the country tomorrow. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has completed all the necessary arrangements, including the delivery of ballot papers.

Procedure for Casting Your Vote in Elections 2024

Step 1: Locate Your Constituency

Send your National Identity Card (NIC) number to 8300. It will give you information such as the national and provincial assembly constituency number, polling station, family number, and serial number.

Step 2: Required Documents

ECP has urged the voters to bring their original CNIC for casting their vote. It is important to note that individuals with an expired CNIC can also cast their vote. However, other documents including a copy of CNIC will not be acceptable.

Step 3: Cellphones Access

ECP has a strict policy against bringing mobile phones to the polling stations. Voters have been advised to leave their phones at home.

Step 4: Voting Time

The voting will begin at 8:00 am and continue until 5:00 pm.

Step 5: Queue and Verification Process

Wait in line until it’s your turn. Your name and electoral number will be verified by the Presiding Officer (PO). After verification, you will be provided with two ballot papers, one for the provincial and the other for the national assembly. Additionally, the PO will check your name off the list.

Step 6: Sign and Stamp on Paper

The signs and stamps of the PO are necessary on the back of both ballot papers. Make sure that your ballot papers are signed and stamped, as your vote will not be accepted without them.

Step 7: Ballot Papers

The voter will be provided separate ballot papers for the provincial and national assemblies. The white one will be for the provincial and green for the national assembly. A special ink will be used by the PO to record your thumb impression on the electoral rolls.

Step 8: Proceed to Voting Booths

Just like the ballot papers, there would be two separate boxes for both the assemblies’ votes: the green-topped box for the national and the white-topped box for the provincial assembly.

Step 9: No Interference

Ensure that there are no other individuals present or attempting to influence your vote.

Step 10: Ensure the Ink is Dry

Fold the ballot papers after you’ve stamped both of them. Make sure the ink is dry before properly folding them. Moreover, ensure to fold your ballot paper lengthwise to prevent the ink from spreading onto other candidates’ spaces on the ballot paper.

Step 11: Cast Your Vote

Insert the green ballot paper into the box with the green top, and the white ballot paper into the box with the white top to complete the voting process.

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