Enhancement of Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25, 1 & 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay



A notification of Enhancement Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25, 1 & 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay has been issued on 19-01-2023 by Finance Department ,Govt.of Punjab Lahore to the Employees of to officers and officials (from BS-01 to BS-19) of Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service.Further detail of said notification in same is as under;

Enhancement Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25, 1 & 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay

Will the Section Officer (General), Government of Punjab, Public Prosecution Department, kindly refer to his letter No.SO(G)/PPD/13-505/22-332 dated 17.01.2023 on the subject cited above. The Finance Department Punjab has granted this special allowance at the following three rates:

  • 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay
  • 1 of Initial Basic Pay
  • 1.25 of initial basic pay

Finance Department, in pursuance of approval of Provincial Cabinet, dated 14.01.2023, conveys its concurrence regarding discontinuation of existing Special Allowance / Non practicing Allowance, granted vide letters No.FD.PR..6-6/2006 dated 01.01.2016, 22.02.2017 & 12.01.2022, of the Punjab Prosectors (BS-17 & above) and Special Allowances-2021 & 2022 @ 25% of initial of basic pay scales, 2017 & 15% of the basic pay scale, 2017 & 15% of basic pay scale 2017 respectively to officers and officials (from BS 01 to BS-19) of Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service granted vide letters No.FD.SR.V/3 1/2021 dated 07.07.2021 & 20.07.2022 w.e.f. 01.01.2023.

Revised Rates of Special Allowance

Sr.No.DescriptionRate of Special Allowance per month
a.D.G/Addl. Prosecutors General / Deputy Prosecutors General.1.25 of initial basic pay
b.District / Deputy / Assistant District Public Prosecutors.1.0 of initial basic pay
c.Officers/ officials (Non-prosecutors) of Criminal Prosecution service.0.75 of initial basic pay

The Special Allowance will not be admissible to:

  • Officers/ officials during extraordinary leave (EOL), study leave, long leave for more than 90 (ninety) days, or under suspension.
  • The officers/ officials on Deputation / Deputation Aboard (Training Abroad).
  • The officers/officials working outside the cadre or in Secretariat Department(s).
  • Govt officers/officers/officials who have been made OSD for a period of more than 90 (ninety) days (continued period of OSD (awaiting postings) & leave will be reckoned up to 90 days, if applicable.
  • The officers/officials who have been made OSDs on the charges of inefficiency/misconduct or indiscipline and facing disciplinary proceedings under the PEEDA Act, 2006.
  • The bereaved families of deceased officers/ officials drawing salary against OSD post(s) being performance-based allowance.
  • This special allowance shall not be treated as part of emoluments for purpose of calculation of pension/commutation and recovery of house rent etc.
  1. An audit copy may get authenticated from the Finance Department accordingly.


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