Exploring Pakistan’s Most-Watched YouTube Videos

YouTube, the global leader in video streaming, has unveiled a list that captures the attention of Pakistani audiences: the most-viewed YouTube videos in the country. Dominated by local dramas, music, and daily vlogs, this list reflects the diverse interests of Pakistani viewers. A noteworthy addition to YouTube’s content variety is the YouTube Shorts, which has introduced a fresh dynamic to the platform, resonating particularly well with millennials and Generation Z.

Spotlight on YouTube’s Top Trending Videos in Pakistan

YouTube reports staggering statistics for its Shorts, with over 70 billion daily views. The format has seen an exponential growth in content, with an 80% increase in daily channel uploads last year. These short videos are now a monthly staple for over 2 billion users. Alongside this short-form content, long-form videos continue to engage Pakistani audiences, suggesting that despite varied consumption patterns, video-based content remains a popular choice in the country.

Insights from Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director

Reflecting on these trends, Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, highlighted the cultural shift in Pakistan’s digital content consumption. “This year’s top trending lists are a testament to the cultural evolution in Pakistan, marked by a surge in Shorts viewership and the formation of specific fan bases around music, dramas, and vlogs. Content creators are increasingly exploring multiple formats, diversifying into new genres and reaching new audiences. We foresee a continuous expansion in multiformat content, offering a richer and more varied range of content,” he remarked in a press release.

Pakistan’s Most-Viewed YouTube Videos:

Top Trending Videos

  1. ‘Tere Bin’ 2nd Last Ep 57 with Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali
  2. ‘Tu Subha Di Paak Hawa Warga’ by Nimra Mehra on DaisBook
  3. ‘Mayi Ri’ | Episode 1 | 2nd August 2023 (English Subtitles) ARY Digital Drama
  4. ‘Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri’ – Episode 01 starring Khushhal Khan & Dananeer on 28th April 2023 – HUM TV
  5. Dog rescue and build Loving Dog House video
    … and others in the list

Top Music Videos

  1. ‘Hum Sindh Main Rehne Wale Sindhi’ by Mumtaz Molai
  2. ‘Tere Vaaste’ featuring Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan
  3. ‘Kya Loge Tum’ with Akshay Kumar and Amyra Dastur
  4. ‘Zihaal e Miskin’ by Javed-Mohsin, Vishal Mishra, and Shreya Ghoshal
  5. ‘Phir Aur Kya Chahiye’ by Vicky K, Sara Ali K, and Arijit Singh
    … and others in the list

Top Creators and Breakout Creators

  • Ducky Bhai
  • Shehr Main Dihat
  • Salman Noman
  • Sistrology
    … and more featured in both categories

This diverse array of content, ranging from heart-touching dramas to upbeat music videos, and from engaging vlogs to innovative Shorts, illustrates the dynamic and multifaceted nature of Pakistan’s digital entertainment landscape. The list not only highlights the prevailing trends and popular genres among Pakistani viewers but also underscores the growing influence of YouTube as a platform that caters to a wide array of interests and preferences. It’s a testament to the creativity of content creators who successfully capture the pulse of the nation, and the evolving tastes of a diverse, digitally-savvy audience. As YouTube continues to grow and evolve, it’s clear that Pakistani viewers will have access to an ever-expanding universe of content that speaks to their unique cultural and entertainment experiences.

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