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Extended Free Student Travel on Metro Buses and Orange Line Trains in Punjab

In light of the persistent winter season, the Punjab government has taken a significant step to ease the financial burden on students by extending the free travel facility on Metro Buses and Orange Line Trains. This move is a clear demonstration of the government’s commitment to providing accessible and cost-effective transportation options for the student population.

Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, recognizing the importance of this initiative, personally ensured the continuation of this service. His dedication to student welfare is evident through this decision, which comes as a relief to many students who rely on these modes of transportation for their daily commute.

The objective of this project is to make students’ lives easier during the challenging winter months. By offering free rides on both the Metro Buses and Orange Line Trains, the government aims to not only reduce the financial strain on students but also promote their mobility and access to educational institutions. This initiative is a proactive step taken by the government to support the education and well-being of its youth population. It underscores the value placed on education and the importance of ensuring that students have a convenient and affordable means of transportation, especially during adverse weather conditions.

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