Final Term School Based Assessment (SBA) 2024 Schedule for Government Schools in Punjab

Schedule and date sheet for the Final Term School Based Assessment (SBA) 2024 for government schools in Punjab, Pakistan. It outlines the key dates for uploading item banks, paper generation, and conduction of the SBA, highlighting the importance of the assessment in evaluating students’ learning progress and promoting a culture of continuous improvement in education.

The Final Term School Based Assessment (SBA) for the year 2024 is an essential component of the education system in Punjab, Pakistan. This assessment aims to evaluate students’ learning and academic progress throughout the academic year. The schedule and date sheet for the SBA 2024 have been released for all government schools in Punjab, providing a structured timeline for the assessment process.

Schedule Overview

  • Uploading of Item Banks for Schools: 07-03-2024
  • Paper Generation by Schools: 07-03-2024 to 14-03-2024 
  • Conduction of SBA by Schools: 14-03-2024 to 27-03-2024
  • Result & PTM :27-03-2024 to 31-03-2024

Detailed Schedule

  1. Uploading of Item Banks for Schools (07-March-2024):
  • On this date, schools will receive access to the item banks for conducting the SBA.
  1. Paper Generation by Schools (07-March-2024 to 14-March-2024):
  • During this period, schools will generate the final assessment papers for all grades.
  • Schools will generate papers from the item banks based on the learning outcomes and curriculum requirements for each grade.
  1. Conduction of SBA by Schools (14-March-2024 to 27-March-2024):
  • The SBA will be conducted by schools for all grades during this period.
  • Schools will administer the assessment according to the finalized papers, ensuring a fair and standardized evaluation process.

The School Based Assessment (SBA) is an integral part of the education system as it provides a comprehensive evaluation of students’ learning progress. It allows teachers to assess students’ understanding of the curriculum and identify areas where additional support may be needed. Additionally, the SBA encourages students to actively engage in their learning process and take responsibility for their academic performance.

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