Google Adopts Enhanced Data Control Measures Following EU Digital Markets Act

In response to the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), Google is rolling out significant changes for its European users, effective March 6th. This new policy empowers users with precise control over data sharing across specific Google services such as YouTube, Maps, and more. Users now have the flexibility to selectively determine which services can access their data, enabling them to cease sharing with all, some, or none of the designated services.

The list of non-linkable services encompasses popular offerings like Search, YouTube, Ad services, Google Play, Chrome, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. Notably, certain situations, such as completing transactions or meeting legal obligations, will still necessitate data sharing.

Despite these updates, Google highlights the advantages of linked services, emphasizing that they enhance content and ads personalization. Unlinking services may result in the loss of certain features; for instance, disconnecting Search and Maps could impact the appearance of Search reservations in Maps.

While the decision to unlink ultimately lies with individual users and provides heightened control over data usage, Google acknowledges potential trade-offs in terms of features. The DMA not only influences data sharing but also imposes constraints on Google’s ability to prioritize its services in Search results, contributing to a more competitive digital landscape.

Despite Google’s compliance with the DMA, notable tech giants such as Apple, Meta, and TikTok are currently challenging its designation in court.”

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