Google Bard Launches Free AI Image Generation Feature

Google Maps welcomes exciting upgrades powered by Generative AI, while its chatbot Bard gets an edge in the competitive AI landscape.

A key addition is Bard’s access to Gemini Pro, Google’s multimodal AI marvel, now available across all supported languages and regions. This unlocks enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness, surpassing Bard’s previous English-only integration of Gemini Pro, which boosted comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and even code skills.

The enhanced Bard transcends language barriers, offering AI assistance in diverse fields. This expanded functionality solidifies its position as a versatile and user-friendly AI chatbot.

Bard unveils another exciting feature: image generation! This free service, currently available in English and most countries globally, leverages Google’s cutting-edge Imagen 2 model. This model strikes a perfect balance between speed and quality, generating stunningly realistic visuals.

In essence, Google is pushing the boundaries of AI with these developments. Expect an improved Maps experience and a more powerful, multilingual Bard at your service!

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