Google Unveils ‘Circle to Search’ Feature on Samsung Galaxy S24, Expanding to More Android Phones

Google has unveiled a new search feature called ‘Circle to Search’ for Android phones, marking another stride in the company’s ongoing exploration of innovative search functionalities for smartphones. This feature allows users to encircle information on their device screens to initiate searches, offering a more interactive and dynamic approach.

While officially named ‘Circle to Search,’ the feature goes beyond simple circular gestures, also accommodating actions like highlighting text and making scribbles. Users can activate ‘Circle to Search’ by either long-pressing the home button or, for those using gesture navigation, the navigation bar. Google emphasizes the convenience of this feature compared to traditional methods such as taking screenshots and then using Google Lens for analysis.

The ‘Circle to Search’ feature incorporates Google’s AI-driven multisearch capability, originally introduced as part of Google Lens in 2022. Multisearch allows users to combine text and image inputs in their search queries, providing the flexibility to modify search parameters directly within the Google app.

This enhancement empowers users to pose more intricate questions involving specific concepts, ideas, or topics. Google responds by delivering concise and summarized answers in the answer box, eliminating the need to sift through extensive information pages.

A video demonstration showcasing the functionality of ‘Circle to Search’ is available below.

Set for a global launch on January 31, the ‘Circle to Search’ feature will initially be exclusive to the Pixel 8 series and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S24 trio. There are plans to extend this feature to additional “premium Android smartphones” later in the year. Simultaneously, an upgraded version of the multisearch functionality within the Google App will be rolled out to both Android and iOS users in the United States.

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