Government Employees Face New Restrictions on Social Media Usage

In a recent development, government employees are now subject to restrictions on their social media activity. It has been decreed that government personnel must refrain from expressing their opinions on social media platforms without obtaining prior permission from the competent authority.

Under these new regulations, government employees are prohibited from engaging in any form of interaction such as liking, commenting, or sharing content on social media platforms without the requisite authorization.

The Regulation Wing has compiled a comprehensive summary outlining the specifics of this ban on social media usage by government employees. This update stems from amendments made to the Punjab Government Service Rules of 1966.

The summary explicitly states that government employees are active on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, it highlights a concern that the conduct of government employees on social media does not consistently align with the expected standards set by the government.

Furthermore, the summary underscores that information dissemination through social media channels has raised concerns. To address these issues, the summary suggests that it is in the public interest to prohibit government employees from expressing their personal opinions while using both social and digital media platforms.

These regulations mark a significant shift in the way government employees engage with social media, with a focus on ensuring adherence to established guidelines and maintaining the integrity of public service.

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