Government Launches 39 e-Rozgaar Centers Nationwide

In a move aimed at combating unemployment and promoting digital employment opportunities, the Pakistani government inaugurated 39 e-Rozgaar centers in Islamabad today. This milestone event was presided over by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar and featured key insights from IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif regarding the ambitious e-Rozgaar project.

Ambitious Plan for 10,000 e-Rozgaar Centers

During the launch ceremony, IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif unveiled the government’s ambitious vision to establish a total of 10,000 e-Rozgaar centers across Pakistan. This visionary initiative is designed to provide employment opportunities and empower jobless individuals.

Substantial Funding Allocated

To facilitate the establishment of these centers, the government has allocated a substantial budget of Rs. 1.0 billion. This financial support will be utilized through public-private partnerships, enabling interest-free loans for eligible individuals and companies participating in the e-Rozgaar program.

The Role of Information Technology

Dr. Umar Saif emphasized the pivotal role of information technology (IT) in driving this initiative. The government aims to establish 250 centers in various small and large cities, fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Towards a Nationwide Network of 10,000 Centers

With a commitment to expanding the network, the government’s ultimate goal is to have 10,000 e-Rozgaar centers operating nationwide. This ambitious objective is set to revolutionize employment opportunities and bolster Pakistan’s IT sector.

The inauguration of these e-Rozgaar centers signifies the government’s dedication to addressing unemployment and advancing the digital landscape in Pakistan. It represents a significant leap forward in providing job opportunities for the unemployed and propelling the nation’s IT sector to new heights.

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