Governor of Punjab Amends Revised Leave Rules, 1981



A notification of Revised Leave Rules , 1981 has been issued on 01-06-2023 by Finance Department ,Govt. of Punjab/Further detail is as under;

The Governor of Punjab has made the following amendments to the Revised Leave Rules, 1981, with immediate effect:

  • Rule 17: The heading is changed from “Leave” to “Refused Leave.”
  • Sub-rule (1): The expression “lump-sum leave pay” is replaced with “leave pay, equal to initial pay of the pay scale, for the leave refused by the Appointing Authority.” The words “leave on full pay” are omitted.
  • Sub-rule (2): The words “on monthly basis” are added at the end.
  • Sub-rule (3): This sub-rule is omitted.
  • Sub-rule (4): This sub-rule is omitted.
  • Sub-rule (5): The following is added at the end:

“(ii) For the expression ‘lump-sum payment equal to the period falling short of three hundred and sixty five days,’ the expression ‘encashment of leave for the remaining period’ is substituted.”

  • Sub-rule (6): The following changes are made:
  • The word “leave,” occurring for the first time, is replaced with “refused leave.”
  • The expression “shall be effective from the first day of September, 2013” is omitted.
  • The words “or opted” are omitted.
  • The expression “or, as the cases may be, retiring on or after the first day of September, 2013” is omitted.
  • Sub-rule (6-A): The word “LPR” is replaced with “refused LPR.”
  • Sub-rule (6-B): The words “leave is granted on account of ill health supported by Medical Certificate or for performance of Hajj” are replaced with “any kind of leave is granted.”

These amendments are intended to clarify the rules governing refused leave for Punjab civil servants. The amendments make it clear that when a civil servant’s leave is refused, they are entitled to a leave pay equal to their initial pay for the period of the refused leave. The amendments also make it clear that civil servants who are granted leave for any reason are entitled to encash any remaining leave days at the end of their service.

Sure, here is the rewritten text in Google modern style and according to Google Discover, with headings and plagiarism removed:

Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974: Amendments to Revised Leave Rules, 1981

New Sub-rule (7) Added to Rule 17

A new sub-rule (7) has been added to Rule 17 of the Revised Leave Rules, 1981. This sub-rule allows civil servants to encash refused leave for a maximum period of 365 days. To qualify for this benefit, civil servants must submit a written application to the Appointing Authority for grant of leave at least three months before the date of commencement of their leave. If the Appointing Authority refuses the request, the civil servant will be entitled to encash refused leave for 365 days equal to initial pay of basic pay scale.

Rule 19 Omitted

Rule 19 of the Revised Leave Rules, 1981 has been omitted. This rule related to the payment of leave salary to civil servants who were granted leave on half pay.

Effective Date

These amendments are effective from June 1, 2023.

Governor of Punjab Amends Revised Leave Rules, 1981


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