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Holidays Declared in Islamabad Educational Institutions

Election Commission Issues Notification for February 8 Public Holiday

Announcement of holidays in all private and government educational institutions in Islamabad from February 6 to 9.
The Federal Capital Territory Islamabad has declared holidays in all government and private schools from February 6 to 9, as per the notification issued by the Ministry of Education.

According to the notification issued by the federal Ministry of Education, holidays have been announced in educational institutions from February 6 to 9, with schools reopening on February 12 after remaining closed until the 11th. It’s important to note that February 5 has already been declared a public holiday for Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Furthermore, in the province of Sindh, all government and private educational institutions will also remain closed from February 6 to 9.

Due to the upcoming general elections, all private and government schools, colleges, and universities across the country will be closed from February 6 to 9. The Sindh Education Department’s proposal for school closures during this period has been approved by the Chief Minister of Sindh.

Following the approval of the Chief Minister’s proposal, the Sindh Education Department has issued a notification regarding the holidays. It’s worth noting that yesterday, the Punjab Cabinet had also decided to keep all schools, colleges, and universities closed from February 6 to 9 in connection with the general elections. Keep in mind that the general elections are scheduled for February 8, and extensive preparations are underway nationwide.

On the other hand, a public holiday has been announced nationwide on February 8, in conjunction with the general elections. The Election Commission has also issued a formal notification for the public holiday, emphasizing the goal of allowing voters to exercise their right to vote freely and conveniently.

It’s essential to be aware that general elections are scheduled across the country on February 8, with over 120 million registered voters participating in the electoral process.

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