Honda CD 70 zero markup installment plans 2024

Honda CD 70 has long been a top choice in Pakistan’s bike market, reflecting the reliability synonymous with Japanese vehicles. This model, along with the Honda 125, has consistently led the company’s lineup.

In Pakistan, Honda has established a reputation for producing exceptionally durable bikes, earning top marks in consumer reports for reliability and becoming a trusted brand.

Honda has introduced a range of highly popular models over the years, maintaining dominance on the roads despite competition. The company offers a variety of bikes, including scooters for urban commuting and touring motorcycles for long-distance travel.

The Honda CD 70 boasts impressive fuel efficiency, coupled with easy availability of parts, low maintenance costs, and strong resale value, making it a complete package for daily commuters. With fuel prices on the rise, Pakistanis are finding the Honda CD 70 to be a cost-effective option compared to other models.

As bike prices have surged, commercial banks are now providing easy installment plans for the purchase of Honda CD 70 and other models, making them more accessible to a wider audience.

Honda CD 70 Installments 2024

ModelHonda CD 70
3 Months PlanRs52,650 (zero mark-up)
6 Months PlanRs26,250 (zero mark-up)
9 Months PlanRs20,500
12 Months PlanRs16,150
18 Months PlanRs11,750
24 Months PlanRs9,550
36 Months PlanRs7,350

Honda CD 70 latest price

As of Feb 2024, price of Honda CD 70 price stands at Rs157,900.

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