Honda CG 125 Gold Edition Price in Pakistan for 2024

In a thrilling move for motorcycle enthusiasts, Honda, the esteemed Japanese manufacturer, has introduced the much-anticipated CG 125 Gold Edition in Pakistan. This new variant of the popular CG 125 model promises not only exceptional performance but also a touch of glamour on the roads.

The Honda CG 125 Gold Edition stands out with its impressive throttle response, stellar performance, and efficient fuel economy. The latest model undergoes several modifications, particularly in the frame, resulting in a fresh and eye-catching appearance. Its unique color combinations of black and gold, as well as red and gold, contribute to its distinctiveness on the streets.

Robust Build Quality and Easy Maintenance

The success of the CG 125 series is attributed to its robust build quality, readily available parts, and comprehensive aftermarket services. These factors make the CG 125 Gold Edition a preferred choice for motorcycle enthusiasts, ensuring easy maintenance and swift handling.

A Touch of Glamour: Introducing the Gold Edition

For those who appreciate a touch of glamour, Honda introduces the CG 125 Gold Edition. This variant elevates the bike’s appeal with a gleaming appearance that is sure to turn heads on the streets.

Pricing Details

As of February 2024, the Honda CG 125 Gold Edition comes with a price tag of Rs292,900 in Pakistan. This competitive pricing adds to the allure of owning a bike that combines both style and substance.

Table: Honda CG 125 Gold Edition Pricing

ModelPrice (Rs)
CG 125 Gold EditionRs292,900

Why Choose the CG 125 Gold Edition?

The CG 125 Gold Edition is not just a bike; it’s a statement on wheels. With its winning combination of performance, style, and affordability, it continues to solidify Honda’s position as a leader in the motorcycle market.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-time bike owner, the Honda CG 125 Gold Edition offers an exciting blend of reliability and sophistication. So, gear up and make a statement on the roads with the latest offering from Honda – the CG 125 Gold Edition.

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