Honda Civic 2024: Prices, Models, and Vibrant Colors in Pakistan

Here i am sharing the complete detail of Honda Civic 2024: Prices, Models, and Vibrant Colors in Pakistan.The Honda Civic, a beloved saloon in Pakistan and a flagship model for Honda, continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many, being a popular choice in families and a favorite among the racing community. With a legacy spanning over three decades, the Civic is renowned for its robust build, quality parts, and aesthetic features. It has gained fame for its cluster of features, fuel efficiency, and strong resale value.

The driving experience is further enhanced by the car’s smooth ride and the use of high-quality materials in the cabin. Last year, the company announced a significant reduction in car prices, including the Civic, in response to the appreciation of the rupee against the dollar.

Here are the Honda Civic models available:

Civic Models2024 Prices (PKR)
Honda Civic Standard 1.58,329,000
Honda Civic Oriel 1.5 M-CVT8,659,000
Honda Civic RS9,899,000

Honda Civic Colors in Pakistan:

  • Crystal Black
  • Pearl Urban
  • Titanium Metallic
  • Carnelian Red
  • Pearl Lunar
  • Silver Metallic
  • Meteoroid Gray
  • Metalic Morning Mist
  • Blue Metallic

For those interested in purchasing a Honda Civic in Pakistan, it’s recommended to visit local markets or online portals for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information on both new and used models.

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