How Much Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki Bike Prices Increased in 2023

In 2023, the motorcycle industry experienced a notable price hike, often attributed to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar. Interestingly, even when the exchange rate stabilized in the second half of the year, manufacturers like Yamaha continued to raise prices, often without providing clear explanations.

To illustrate the trend and give a sense of what’s happening in the market, consider the Suzuki GR 150. It’s currently the priciest mainstream motorcycle, retailing at Rs. 547,000. This model also saw the most dramatic price jump in 2023, escalating by Rs. 162,000 from January to December of the previous year.

Let’s delve into the details of how motorcycle prices have surged over 2023.

Honda Bike Prices in 2023

Over the past 12 months, the CD 70 and CD 70 Dream models have experienced price increases of PKR 36,400 and PKR 39,000 respectively. Meanwhile, the popular CG 125, a favorite among consumers, now comes with a price tag of Rs. 234,900, marking a significant rise from its January 2023 price of Rs. 185,900. This represents a yearly price hike of Rs. 49,000 for the CG 125 model.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Honda bike price increases in 2023:

ModelJanuary 2023 Price (PKR)December 2023 Price (PKR)Price Difference (PKR)
CD 70121,500157,900+36,400
CD 70 Dream129,900168,900+39,000
CG 125185,900234,900+49,000
CG 125 Special Edition219,500282,900+63,400
CB 125 F283,900390,900+107,000
CB 150 F353,900493,900+140,000
CB 150 F SE357,900497,900+140,000

Suzuki Bikes Prices in 2023

Keeping pace with its rivals, Suzuki implemented significant price hikes for its motorcycles in 2023. The GD 110S and GS 150 models have seen substantial increases, with their prices soaring by Rs. 108,000 and Rs. 116,000 respectively.

As a result, the GD 110S is now priced at Rs. 352,000, while the GS 150 retails at Rs. 382,000.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Suzuki bike price increases in 2023:

ModelJanuary 2023 Price (PKR)December 2023 Price (PKR)Price Difference (PKR)
GD 110S244,000352,000+108,000
GS 150266,000382,000+116,000
GSX 125359,000499,000+140,000
GR 150385,000547,000+162,000

Yamaha Bikes Prices in 2023

Yamaha has announced two price hikes for its motorcycle range in 2023. The first increase was in February, with prices rising up to Rs. 3,500. This was followed by another hike in December.

The YB 125Z, the most budget-friendly option in Yamaha’s lineup, has seen a significant price jump, now retailing at an astonishing Rs. 396,000, up from Rs. 305,500 in January 2023. The YBR 125 and YBR 125G models are now priced at Rs. 435,500 and Rs. 471,000 respectively, with the Matte Gray variant of the YBR 125G slightly higher at Rs. 474,400.

Over the year, these models have experienced price increases of Rs. 99,500 and Rs. 121,500 respectively.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Yamaha bike price increases in 2023:

ModelJanuary 2023 Price (PKR)December 2023 Price (PKR)Price Difference (PKR)
YB 125Z305,500396,000+90,500
YB 125Z DX327,000440,500+113,500
YBR 125336,000435,500+99,500
YBR 125G349,500471,000+121,500
YBR 125G (Matte Gray)352,500474,000+121,500

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