Implementation of New Driving License Fees in Punjab Begins Today

The caretaker government of Punjab has taken a decisive step by finally implementing the long-anticipated increase in driving license fees, effective immediately. This move comes after two postponements by caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, who had previously urged citizens to obtain their driving licenses at the old rates before the fee hike went into effect.

In an announcement shared on various platforms, the Lahore Traffic Police revealed that citizens can now acquire their car and motorcycle learner’s permits for a fee of Rs. 500, valid for up to five years. This marks a significant change in the cost structure for obtaining learner’s permits in Punjab.

To make the process more convenient for residents, the caretaker Punjab government had earlier introduced an online facility for obtaining driving learner’s licenses. Mohsin Naqvi, Chief Minister at the time, emphasized that citizens could easily apply online through the Punjab Police app. Moreover, this service is accessible not only through the app but also at 737 police stations and all Khidmat Marakiz situated across Punjab, making it more accessible to a broader population.

The push for digitization and modernization in the issuance of learner’s driving licenses gained momentum when the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman, Faisal Yousaf, announced that over 2.6 million new learner driving licenses had been issued across the province. This significant milestone was achieved following the launch of a new system on December 1st, which streamlined the application process and reduced bureaucratic hurdles.

In conclusion, the implementation of the new driving license fees in Punjab signifies a commitment to improving the efficiency and accessibility of obtaining driving permits. With online options and a more affordable fee structure for learner’s permits, citizens now have easier access to an essential document for road safety and compliance with the law.

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