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Increase in Driving License Fees in Punjab 2024

As the clock ticks towards 2024, motorists and aspiring drivers in Punjab face a significant shift in the fee structure for learner’s, driving, and license renewal. This move, marking a substantial increase in costs, aims at reshaping the traffic and transport landscape in the province.

Learner’s License: A Steep Climb

Previously, a nominal fee of 60 PKR for a 5-year learner’s license was a relief for beginners. But now, brace yourself! Each year, a learner will have to shell out 500 PKR.

Motorcyclists, who enjoyed a 5-year license fee of 550 PKR, will now face an annual charge of 500 PKR. Similarly, the rickshaw drivers, who are integral to Punjab’s local transport, will also be subjected to this new annual fee structure.

For cars and jeeps, the escalation is even more pronounced. From a 5-year fee of 950 PKR, it’s leaping to 1800 PKR annually.

The fee for light transport, previously set at 950 PKR for five years, will now be 2000 PKR annually. Heavy transport sees a similar trend, jumping from a 5-year fee of 450 PKR to 2000 PKR per year. The tractor license, both for personal and commercial use, also sees a considerable increase.

In a commendable move, the authorities have waived the driving license fee for disabled individuals, a gesture that shows inclusivity and empathy.

Public Service Vehicles: Bearing the Brunt

Public service vehicles, which are the backbone of mass transit, will now have to pay 1500 PKR annually, a significant jump from the earlier 5-year fee of 450 PKR.

A Thousand Percent Increase: Public Awareness is Key

Officials note that this is the first major fee hike in 20 years, a staggering thousand percent increase in some categories. The public will soon see advertisements and campaigns to raise awareness about these changes.

With these new fees set to be implemented from January 1, 2024, it’s crucial for drivers and vehicle owners in Punjab to understand and prepare for these changes. While the increase might seem daunting, it’s a step towards better road safety and efficient traffic management.

Punjab’s new driving license fee structure is a bold move towards enhancing road safety and transport management. While it poses challenges, it also opens doors for improved driving standards and public awareness. As we embrace these changes, let’s gear up for a safer, more regulated driving environment in 2024.

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