Internet & Call Prices May Increase Substantially after this New Development

Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad Increases BTS Tower Fees to Boost Revenue

The Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad (MCI) has recently announced a significant rise in both the annual renewal fee and new installation charges for Base Transceiver System (BTS) towers. Under the new scheme, the annual renewal fee for BTS towers will escalate from PKR 50,000 to PKR 1.2 million, while the fee for new installations will reach 1 million rupees. This move aims to bolster revenue streams for the city.

The decision to revise the annual renewal fee has sparked interest among telecom operators and residents alike. An MCI official stated that the decision came after extensive consultations with telecom companies and other relevant stakeholders, emphasizing that it will not disrupt the sharing arrangements between telecoms.

Responding to queries about the rationale behind the fee hike, MCI officials highlighted the need to align fees with current market standards and cover infrastructure maintenance costs. The increased revenue is expected to play a significant role in improving the city’s infrastructure and services.

Furthermore, a draft outlining the implementation of the new fee structure for BTS towers is in its final stages, pending formal approval. MCI assures that transparency will be maintained throughout the process, with opportunities for feedback and dialogue from relevant stakeholders.

It is noteworthy that this adjustment marks the first change in BTS tower fees since 2004, with MCI underscoring the necessity of this update after nearly two decades.

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