iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max latest price, PTA Tax in Pakistan 2024

In 2022, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series, which continues to enjoy popularity even after the launch of the iPhone 15.

Equipped with the A16 chip, the iPhone 14 has garnered significant attention. Its appeal lies in various features, including a large display and an advanced camera system.

With the rising cost of new smartphones, there’s been an uptick in the demand for previous models, with the iPhone 14 being a notable example. This trend spans across various demographics, from working professionals to the business sector, and from digital content creators to technology enthusiasts, highlighting the widespread preference for Apple products.

Apple’s devices are renowned for their seamless operation, superior hardware, and premium pricing. The company’s unique approach of designing both the hardware and software contributes to its pricing strategy, which is influenced by factors such as material costs, manufacturing expenses, research and development, marketing efforts, and the prestige associated with the Apple brand.

iPhone 14 price in Pakistan 2024

ModelsPrice (PTA approved)
iPhone 14 128GBRs410,000
iPhone 14 Pro 128GBRs505,000
iPhone 14 Pro 256GBRs550,000
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GBRs560,000

iPhone 14 PTA Tax in Pakistan 2024

ModelsTax on PassportTax on CNIC
iPhone 14Rs107,300Rs130,700
iPhone 14 PLUSRs113,000Rs137,000
iPhone 14 ProRs122,300Rs147,100
iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs131,150Rs156,900

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