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Japan’s New Digital Nomad Visa: Everything You Need to Know

Work from Japan: New six-month visa introduced for 'Digital Nomads'; check details

Japan is poised to emerge as the next hub for digital nomads in Asia with the introduction of a new visa program designed specifically for remote workers.

Set to be rolled out in late March, Japan’s initiative provides a six-month visa to individuals embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. This lifestyle is marked by working remotely while moving between various locations for short to moderate periods.

Applicants from 49 countries and territories, including Singapore, the United States, and Australia, are eligible for the new visa. To qualify, individuals must show a minimum annual income of ¥10 million ($66,654) and have private insurance coverage. The visa also caters to self-employed individuals and those with families.

Holders of this visa can live and work remotely from anywhere in Japan. However, it’s important to note that it does not include a residence card.

Extensions are not granted immediately upon expiration, but individuals can reapply for the visa six months after leaving Japan.

Japan is now among nations like Estonia, Mexico, Portugal, and Taiwan, all offering similar schemes to attract remote workers. The Japanese government aims to use this initiative to rejuvenate its aging workforce and drive innovation in various sectors, thereby boosting its tourism economy.

Despite its appeal, some digital nomad communities have expressed concerns about the limitations of Japan’s new visa. They argue that the six-month validity period may be insufficient for long-term travelers, while the minimum income requirement could be challenging for startup entrepreneurs.

In comparison, countries like Spain offer a relatively low-income threshold and longer visa durations, while South Korea and Malaysia have their own set of eligibility criteria, making them more accessible options for digital nomads.

Nevertheless, Japan’s visa is expected to attract considerable interest, particularly following Tokyo’s recognition as the fastest-growing destination for digital nomads in 2023 by Nomad List.

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