Last Date of Income Tax Return September 2022

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has uploaded the Income Tax Return Forms for Tax Year-2022. Separate Income Tax Return Forms for Salaried, Association of Persons(AOPs), Business Individuals, and Companies have been uploaded. The Income Tax Returns can be filed through FBR’s Web Portal (Iris System), and Tax Asaan application.

Last Date of Income Tax Return September 2022

The last date for filing income tax returns for different taxpayers is as follows:

Type of TaxpayerLast Date to File Income Tax Returns
Individual / Sole ProprietorOn or before 30th September
Association of Person (AOP) / PartnershipOn or before 30th September
Salaried TaxpayerOn or before 30th September
Company / Corporate SectorOn or before 31st December
Company having a special tax yearOn or before 30th September

Criteria to submit the Income Tax: Returns 2021-22

1.All individuals registered from professional bodies
2.More than 400,000 business income per year
3.More than 600,000 salaries per year
4.All NTN holders
5.Such individuals, to whom the tax was applied in Economic Year 2020 or 2021
6.Owners of more  than 1000 CC vehicles
7.Urban Landholders of 500 Square yards or Flat owners
8.500 Square yards or more property in FBR returning area or 2000 Square feet or more flat holders
All industrial or Commercial users who pay bills of 500K or more
10The resident person is held responsible to show foreign Income and assets.
Submit Tax online
  • ASAAN Tax app
  • Internet Banking & Mobile Banking
  • Credit Card ATM
  • Cash and Bank Account
  • Cash Or Bank Account
  • Manual

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