Launch of 100-Marks Islamiat & Pakistan Studies Books in Punjab BISEs for SSC

Changes in SSC Level Examinations – Separate 100-Mark Exams for Islamiat and Pakistan Studies, reducing the total papers from 09 to 08. Detail of said notification in same is mentioned below,

I hereby confirm that, in accordance with the current practice and the provisions of Scheme A Studies for SSC level, examinations for the subjects of Islamiat (Compulsory) and Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) are conducted at the Secondary School Certificate level. The examinations for these subjects, each carrying 100 marks, are split into two parts, with each part worth 50 marks.

I would like to highlight that, in compliance with instructions from the Government of Punjab, the subject of Tanmatul-Qur’an-ul-Majeed has been included in the Scheme of Studies. The examination for this subject was also administered by the Board during the SSC (9th & 10th) First & Second Annual Examinations in 2023. Consequently, students are now required to attempt nine subjects in one part.

A proposal to conduct separate examinations for Islamiat (Compulsory) and Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) at the SSC level, each with 100 marks, in place of the current two-part SSC examination, was discussed by the Punjab Boards Committee of Chairperson (PBCC) and subsequently approved as follows:

  • The proposed change was thoroughly deliberated upon and approved. This adjustment will reduce the total number of papers from 09 to 08 (Part-1 & Part-11 combined) for Secondary School Certificate examination candidates. PBCC further decided that this matter should be taken up with PCTB to revise the Scheme accordingly and publish books for Islamiat and Pakistan Studies, each with model papers worth 100 marks, for both SSC Part-1 and Part-11, respectively.

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