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Launch of Revolutionary E-Challan and Axle Load App in Lahore

In Lahore, the Punjab Transport Company rolled out its new E-Challan and Punjab Axle Load Enforcement App. This big event happened with Punjab Transport Minister Ibrahim Hassan Murad and Secretary Ahmed Javed Qazi leading the show.

Launch of Revolutionary E-Challan and Axle Load App in Lahore

Ibrahim Hassan Murad, in his speech, threw a big congrats to the PITB and Transport Department teams. He talked a lot about how hard everyone worked, especially under Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, all for the regular folks out there.

The minister was pretty serious about making sure people are safe on the roads, pointing out that not following axle load rules is costing a whole lot of money – like billions. But, he’s got hope that this new app will slash that by a huge 90%.

He’s all about getting rid of old-school paper challans and was happy about how everyone’s working together to switch to e-challans. The new app isn’t just about moving to digital; it’s also about stopping fake challans.

Then, the transport secretary, Ahmed Javed Qazi, got up and talked about how e-challans will be way more transparent and give up-to-date info. He said it’ll save resources too, like not needing to print challan books anymore.

With e-challans, they’ll have all the info about the driver and vehicle right there, which is way better than the old way where drivers just got a text.

PTC’s CEO, Faiq Ahmed, added that this new system lets them see where inspectors are and just typing in a vehicle number or CNIC in the app brings up all the needed info.

Ahmed also mentioned that this app is connected with other apps for things like excise, route permits, and fitness certificates. He believes this digital move will cut down on corruption and help check how transport inspectors are doing.

Wrapping up the event, the minister gave out awards to different department folks, and got a special shield himself from the transport department.

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