LSA-2024 Test Administrator Nominations: Ensuring Smooth Assessment

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is gearing up for the Large-Scale Assessment (LSA-2024) for Grade 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 students, as mandated by the Assessment Policy Framework (APF) 2019. This comprehensive assessment is set to cover subjects including English & Urdu literacy, Mathematics numeracy, and General Knowledge/Science skills. Scheduled tentatively for February 2024, the LSA-2024 aims to evaluate and measure the academic progress of students across Punjab.

Nomination of Test Administrators (TAs)

To ensure the smooth and efficient conduct of LSA-2024, the Punjab Examination Commission calls upon districts to nominate dedicated Test Administrators (TAs) from their pool of practicing teachers. The selection of TAs should adhere to specific criteria to guarantee the effectiveness of the assessment process:

  1. Willingness and Efficiency: Nominate teachers who are willing and efficient in the role of Test Administrators. These individuals should be proficient in computer literacy.
  2. Grade and School Type: TAs should be selected based on the specific grade (Grade 2, 3, 5, 6, or 7) and school type (male, female, or co-ed) they will be responsible for.
  3. Experience: For PSTs (Primary School Teachers), a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience is required. ESTs (Elementary School Teachers) or above are preferred.
  4. Training: Prior training for the conduct of LSAs is advantageous, and preference should be given to teachers who have undergone such training.
  5. Geographical Proximity: Nominated TAs should be from schools located within a 16 km radius of the sampled school.
  6. Avoiding Deputation: TAs must not be deputed in their own school to ensure impartiality and fairness in the assessment process.

Web Link for Deployment

District education authorities can access the web portal for the deployment of Test Administrators using the following link:

Superintendents2024 Education Services Portal.

It is essential to note that district-wise usernames and passwords have been communicated via email, following the practice of previous years. Districts are encouraged to use this secure platform for nominating TAs and providing the necessary details of the selected teachers. The deadline for the submission of nominations is 18th January 2024.

The successful conduct of the LSA-2024 relies heavily on the dedication and competence of Test Administrators. By adhering to the outlined criteria and utilizing the designated web portal, Punjab Examination Commission aims to ensure a fair and accurate assessment process that will contribute to the continued improvement of education in the province. Districts are urged to act promptly and nominate TAs who will play a pivotal role in this educational endeavor.

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