Malaysia visit visa fee for Pakistanis [February 2024 update]

Pakistani residents intending to visit Malaysia must obtain a visit visa as it is a mandatory requirement for entry into the country, especially for tourism purposes.

Application Process for Malaysia eVisa for Pakistanis

Applying for a visit visa to Malaysia has been streamlined through an easy online process. The Malaysia eVisa for Pakistani citizens remains valid for a duration of six months from the date of approval.

Step-by-Step Application Procedure for Pakistanis

  1. Visit the Official Website: Applicants should begin by visiting the official website of the immigration department of Malaysia.
  2. Initiate Application: On the website, locate and click on the option “I am new Apply.” This action will prompt a form to appear, which applicants must fill out with all necessary information such as name, nationality, passport number, address, etc.
  3. Submit the Form: After filling out the form, click on the submit button to send your application for processing.
  4. Processing Time: The application will then undergo processing online, with a typical turnaround time of 1 to 3 working days.

Visa Issuance and Duration of Stay for Pakistanis

Upon approval, the eVisa allows holders to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days within the six-month validity period.

Required Documents

Applicants must ensure they have the following documents ready for visa application:

  • Original passport
  • Copy of the passport’s first page
  • Passport size photograph
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Return ticket
  • Proof of funds required for the Malaysia trip

Malaysia eVisa Fees for Pakistanis

The fee for obtaining the Malaysia eVisa is 20 Malaysian Ringgit. As of February, the cost of the electronic single entry visa amounts to Rs1,160. It’s important to note that one Ringgit equals Rs58.02. Additionally, applicants will be required to pay a visa processing fee of 105 Ringgit, in addition to service fees. Debit or credit cards can be used for payment of the eVisa processing charge.

Obtaining a visit visa to Malaysia for Pakistani residents is a straightforward process facilitated by the online application system. By following the outlined steps and ensuring all required documents are in order, travelers can prepare for an enjoyable trip to Malaysia.

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